Monday, June 12, 2017

About My Website

My Website

What is my website about?
My website is all about midget cats! On my site I tell how to care for a midget cat, about midget cats, and how to adopt one! I have included a link to a compilation of midget cat videos showing them playing and running around.

What's the Purpose of My Website?
The purpose of my site is to give orphan midget cats a nice loving home! I also want to give incite on why midget cats are not like other average cats.

Do I Like the Way My Website Came Out?
I am very happy with how my website came out. I like the way the colors looks together and all the pictures of the cats are adorable.

What Would I Change or Add?
If there was more time I would add a few more pictures of midget cats and add more information about how to properly take care of your pet.

What Parts Did I Have Trouble With?
The hardest part for me was spacing all of the pictures out on the adoption page. This was hard because if I didn't space it correctly, pictures and text would overlap.